Bat City Cycling Team exists to promote the fun of cycling in the Central Texas area through racing, touring, fun/benefit riding, weekly rides, training, and commuting

Riding your bike is fun. Riding your bike with friends…even more fun! Bat City Cycling Team is one that includes, accepts, and encourages participation by members of all riding types; those that are recreational, those that are mountain bikers, road racers, club riders, beginners, experts, men, women, old people, middle aged people, younger people, and juniors.

We are one of the longest standing teams in Austin. In the past we took the name of title sponsors Like, REI, AT&T and Seton Brain & Spine Institute.

We work to have a positive impact on cycling culture in Austin and Central Texas through promoting and participating in bike culture events, races and other cycling related endeavors.

How do I join the team?

To join our team you need to ride with us. Most of the rides we lead are open invitation so you should start there. This gives us a chance to get to know you and you get a chance to know us. To join the team you will need a current member to sponsor you for membership. Along with a member sponsoring you, you will need to provide a short bio about you and your cycling experience.

Contact us if you have questions