Sure, door to door it’s not 100 miles exactly on this route…but you’ll get your money’s worth trust me. Roll north to Andice where at mile 13 we get onto the country roads where we’ll stay for most of the day. From Andice we head west to Bertram for the first store stop at mile 35. This is our longest exposure and also the flattest so it goes by quick.

We depart Bertram and head for the Balcones Canyon Lands via 330 to 335. The stretch of 335 to the climb at 340 is a net downhill on narrow country roads. Keep your head up for cattle and cattle guards. There’s a low water crossing between mile 53 and 54 that you may need to walk if it’s flowing. We’ve never seen it un-passable.

The climb up 340 is pitchy and winding. Don’t attack it like some roller because it ain’t over that quick. Enjoy the descent back down the other side and look out for gravel on the right hander at the bottom. From here we head onto 1431 where at first there is a shoulder but for about a quarter mile up a climb there is no shoulder. Once you top out you’re gifted a full 8 foot shoulder for the rest of your time on 1431. Next stop is the Smithwick General Store where on Fridays they have fresh tamales. Top off your bottles and get ready for the climbing.

1174 will put you in the hurt house if you’re not ready for some climbing. You’re immediately put onto a shallow hill as you crest you can see the saddle that is the crest of the first climb. This climb is the steepest of the two main climbs so once you summit at the saddle catch your breath on the way down. The last climb of the day is a long slog that is usually exposed to a cross wind.

After the climb look for the huge oak tree and your right at 1869. 3 miles on 1869 leads you to 285 and we’re back on country roads. The maps make it look like you’re making a lot of turns but in reality many of those ‘turns’ are just the road making natural connections. 284 and 283 will sneak up on you but the rest is easy to navigate.