The 35+ squad handed out a beat down at Fayetteville.
1st @markjohnanthony
3rd @m_vince
4th @marty5309
6th @benploetz

Excellent team work started with a monster pull over a hill at mile 12 and by Vince then setting up a 12 man break with 4 bats in attendance. That quickly became 9 in the cross winds. We kept that together through lap two. In lap three the other riders in the break began to see we had control and as soon as they started to sit we through the attacks. Andrew went first and when he was caught Mark jumped never to be seen again winning by 2 min. Vince took a stab on a hill on the back side once Mark was out of reach but another rider jumped. Vince sat up but that rider wanted to go so Vince sat on for the last 5 miles eventually losing the sprint for second. Andy jump with a couple miles to go and grabbed 4th spot.